Saturday, September 16, 2006


I have let my blog slip, don't seem to have been able to keep up with it too much. Work has been busy and the things that are happening there have been staying in my mind for too long, can't seem to to leave it at work anymore. Thats a big worry, because I can only be there to ensure fair play, I can't change the way people have behaved. Icanonly ensure that they are dealt with properly !

Its now the weekend and I have been doing my housework, did the shopping, and sat down to make some beautiful glass bead bracelets. (I think they are gorgeous!!) Guess what my female friends and rellies will be getting for christmas this year ??

I have really enjoyed making them, I have discovered a new bead shop in Knebworth, this means that I can pop out and stock up on the things I have run out of. How is it that translates into 20 quid a time ????

Still a bargain.

Perhas someone can explain to me how it is cheaper to buy 280 beautiful glass beads from China than it is from down the road? I think these bracelets are going to turn out to be fantastic value.