Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Carl!!

The next couple of months are my busy birthday months, all three children arrived in the autumn, which makes its a busy and expensive couple of months!!
Carl is the first, and we went for a peanut butter extravaganza with peanut M and M's . He was very happy!!!

I added a few sparkling candles and a couple of cake sparklers, 22 already. He is getting old!!!

Beth bought him a a couple of balloons along with his real presents. (smellies, DVDs and a lovely pair of Toy Story PJ's!)

I always like to try and get a few photos of us all together.

Not always an easy feat!!

I was pleased with the outcome, although it did take a fair bit of engineering to get them all to take part. If I had been organised I would have had my children in the summer, that way we could have done 'outside' things for the parties and stood half a chance of getting some nice photos outside!

The next is Laura next week....


Raymonde said...

Great birthday for Carl. The family photos are great, I like the composition. It looks like you are all keeping well. Take care. xxx

Sue said...

Congratulations Carl!!
And you for getting the photos xx