Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Luther Blissett Experience!!!

Today has been a good day for lots of different reasons. I am going to start at the end and work back to the start!! I have for a long time been a fan of Luther Blissett, this stems back to my days of working at Watford Football Club and watching him score a hat trick in one of the first matches I ever saw him play in. (pretty sure it was against Southampton) Despite moving around Luther to this day holds the record for number of appearances for the club and number of goals scored - 503 appearances and 186 goals.

Despite playing for Milan, he kept coming back to Watford and remains there today still at the club in a promotional role. I have always found him to be a very 'attractive' man and happened to mention that to my brother who goes to the home games and has a box at the ground.
Well tonight he gave me a little gift .........

Luther Blissetts autograph!!!
We its pretty clear it is ' To Liz'  and its obvious that its signed by Luther, what is not so clear is the bit in the middle. I am pretty certain that it says;-
 'If you want to pop out for dinner with me one night, that would be great'
Or perhaps not!!!! What ever it says I am happy with it, specially for me.
He is still looking pretty good!!!

We have been in to see Mum, she has had a further two blood transfusions and they seem to be helping her. She is still very tired but is slowly picking up. They have moved her onto an air mattress to prevent bed sores, she doesn't really like it as it keeps everything moving and she keeps drifting to the bottom of the bed. They have changed her dressing and it has just about stopped bleeding and has started to heal up - Hurrah!!!! Today I also received a letter from the complaints department at the hospital, I had to get a signature from Mum so that they will start their investigation. I put the letter into my bag to take into the hospital and managed to give myself an enormous paper cut which bled like nobodies business!! (sods law???)

This morning Tom, Debbie and I went to 'Flame Off' at Towcester Race course. It was a flame workers show, with all that was good and new on display. Deb and I bought a few bits, a couple of presses (hearts) plus some reactive glass to try out. We watched some demos and came away with somethings that we want to try out. When I got home I had a big surprise, a huge package arrived for me and it was packed with glass rods, I had no idea where that had come from, but found out it was from Laura she had ordered it before Mothers day but it had been late arriving!! I now have to try and find a decent storage system for my glass! Happy Days!!

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