Monday, April 04, 2011

Getting Quicker

I have not had a lot of spare time recently (Amazing I hear you all cry!!!)but I did manage to get an hour to  myself Saturday afternoon and made a few beads. Its quite addictive. These orange and black beads are quite striking lots of people who have looked at them love them. They are a little garish for my taste!

This red and white bead is equally garish but I love it, the other two are for practice and have turned out to be almost a matching pair - result!!

These are my favourites the two outside beads were turquoise base with alternating ivory and turquoise dots, the centre bead is an ivory bead with turquoise dots!! I have made a few of these now and I like the combination.
I am hoping to have more time to do some more.

1 comment:

Raymonde said...

Love the blue ones, are you selling yet, the kids for Mothers's day have given me a bracelet so I can take my pick and add to it!

You and your family especially you Mum are in my prayers. Take care. xxx