Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Long Weekend!!!

Well the weekend has flown it seems minutes since it started and now it has gone. The only bonus is that we have another four day weekend coming up in three days time result !!!!

Anyway before I cover the activities of the weekend I just wanted to remind you of the Charity climb that Carl is doing in the summer. Already people have sponsored him but he has a long way to go!! So if you would like to support a very worthy cause please consider supporting him at his Just Giving page which is HERE!!!
Thank You in anticipation!!!

Mum is still in hospital, her wound still hasn't healed and she is still losing a good amount of blood, enough for them to change the bandages twice a day, she hasn't been out of bed and she has had a load of blood transfusions in an effort to get things to heal. If they are no better by the morning they will re assess her and decided how they will deal with it. Its now been 3 1/2 weeks since the operation. She has good days and bad days but is trying to stay upbeat.
After a quiet Easter Sunday where I managed to serve a roast dinner in the evening complete with a serving of frozen mixed vegetables (I was trying not to over do them as my dear son had been complaining that I had been over cooking them) They look cooked and they were steaming but it was a show put on by the vegetable which were actually still frozen (broccoli,cauliflower and carrots) I was told that despite cooking Sunday lunch for at least the last 27 years my neighbour Karen over the road is a cook I should aspire to be like, her cooking is legendary and I am simply not in the same league. I think next Sunday someone else will be cooking the dinner, it won't be me!!!!
Today we popped out to Matalan along with most of Hertford, there were queues getting in and out of the car park. I just wanted to make sure that Beth and Tom had clothes for the cruise coming up. Once in we managed to get Tom some shirts and a couple of ties, but Beth ended up with a new dress, shoes, t shirts and swim suit. I bought a Union Jack door mat.
So everyone have a happy week and please consider sponsoring Carl!!!!

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Jenn Jilks said...

So sorry about your mom. Good for you for doing a roast! We had a quiet w/e, grandkid with chicken pox, and all!