Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the Interests of Market Research!!!

My lovely neighbour Karen (over the road type of friend) is a fantastic cook, she could really make a living at baking cakes, she bakes a KILLER cake!! I agreed to help her out over the weekend, it seems she again needed a tester to help her check out the quality of her marbled icing. Its a tough job but someone has to do it, so she kindly sent over half a dozen of her test cakes and I tried one out. So the verdict?? The cake was brilliant, tasty light springy and yummy. The case was filled nicely and was very pleasing to look at. The icing was delicious tasted perfect but I am sorry to report that the shade of pink was simply not to my liking. I really think that she needs to try again this week and see if she can produce a cake with icing that is just the right shade, of course I will make the supreme sacrifice and test them for her, I mean if she was to make half a dozen all different shades I could try them all until she manages to produce the perfect cake!!!
Seriously Karen, you are the perfect neighbour and I would be lost without you!! (((hugs)))

Last night we called into see Mum, things are still not brilliant with her leg, it is still bleeding on and off two weeks after the operation, they are talking of having to go back in and see why its bleeding.  They are very worried about giving her another general so they are now saying that perhaps they will give her a local and look from there. Some of the wound has held together but any strain is causing it to bleed. They may have to take out the clips and add stitches.

Tomorrow my friend Madeline is going in for a hip replacement at St Albans City Hospital. I want to wish her all the luck and good wishes in the world and hope that she is back on her feet very soon.


Sue said...

Your poor mum!!!!
Hope things get better soon.
Those cakes do look yummy :) I agree, ought to be slightly darker pink ;)

suebaru said...

Step away from the cupcakes!!