Sunday, April 03, 2011

On The Mend..

After a rocky time, Mum has finally made it out of ICU. We are so pleased, she seems so much stronger. Today she is back on Lemsford ward and they are looking after her. All the signs of recovery are there, kidneys working, pain under control, bleeding stopped and mental ability seems to have returned.Most of the lines have gone including the central line and the wound drain. The only slight spanner in the works is that they have now found an irregular heart beat which the consultant thinks might as a result of the blood transfusions. (she has had rather a lot and it can have odd effects) They are getting that sorted as well. In fact she is now making such good progress that they are likely to have her up on Tuesday to see if she can stand. Fingers crossed.

Today is Mothers Day, so we took Mum her presents in tonight. I gave her a necklace made with my own beads and a vase of silk flowers, that look so realistic that she must have asked half a dozen times if she needed to give me the vase back once they had died!!
Laura gave me a flowering plant in a pretty pot and a heart shaped charm with my name on it.
Beth treated me out to dinner so we all went to Aroma. Carl made me chocolate strawberries and very nice they are too!!!!


Jen said...

OOh you were spoilt! (but you deserve it xx). Glad to hear about mum's progress. Crossing everything for her to be back home soon.

suebaru said...

So glad things are looking more positive for your mum now :) See you tomorrow probably :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Take care. Good post title.
Cheers from Perth./On/Canada