Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dog and Tulip.

Well its here, the long weekend, its started off well, hot weather, clear blue sky and four days of nothing ahead of us. Bliss. Its been a tough week but I am glad Easter is here.
Yesterday Beth went out on a shopping trip with Hannah, they idea was to buy school shoes and school trainers. I also said she could buy a dress for the cruise if she could find one. In the end she came back with the shoes, couldn't find a dress but did find the below 'onesie' in Primark!!
Here she is modeling her latest outfit, not sure that will be acceptable attire for formal evening on the ship!!!
As I didn't have to get up for work I thought I would have a lie in, but it didn't happen, I woke at the same time and once awake I have to get up. So I have done three loads of washing and been around to Dads for a cup of tea. We bought back some Tulips from Amsterdam (its the law, you just have to !!) when we visited a few years ago and these are in full flower in Dads garden, they are stunning.

Mum is still in hospital, its quite a slog now with visiting and working, I am trying very hard to do both but I think perhaps I am not doing either very well its just so exhausting. Mum seems to be OK, the wound is still bleeding but getting less so hopefully that's on the mend.
My friend Madeline is doing well after hr hip replacement, chatting to her yesterday I realised why we have been friends for so many years, around 47 years to date. She and I have so many similarities. I am so proud of her, she had her hip replaced with a spinal and NO SEDATION!!!!! she was chatting to the staff and discussing all sorts, I took the same option with my hysterectomy there is something about knowing what is going on. I wanted to see when I was on the receiving end, but they wouldn't let me. My dentist is more accommodating, he puts a mirror up so I can watch!!
Happy Easter!!!


Jen said...

Fab onesie! Not so brilliant for going to the loo though :) Poor old mum, I know how exhausting it is visiting and working :( As for your friend's hip op - I'm in awe!!! Take care xx

Raymonde said...

Have a beautiful peaceful weekend Liz.

I love your blossoms shots by the way. Take care. xxx