Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Four day Weekend.

Well I can cope with these three day weeks !! Three days are just about right for me I may have to look into doing just that!
Things are still not going to plan at the hospital. Mum had a big bleed from her wound yesterday morning so they decided to operate yesterday to try and sort it out. It was exactly one month since the original operation and the wound has bled some times severely every day since. They eventually took her down at 8pm last night. We heard at 10pm that they had not done the operation because they could not get the epidural in and there were insufficient staff to go for the riskier general. I am glad they didn't risk it,they are going to try again this morning. Mum is pretty fed up and wanted them to go ahead with the general, I am pleased that they didn't.
I heard yesterday that they have arranged another meeting with Keith and I at the QVM to discuss out complaint, so at the beginning of May we have that to look forward to. The problem is if Mum heals up its likely she will be heading out to there again for rehab.
Looking forward to tomorrow because we are having a Royal Wedding afternoon tea, I have all the bunting ready and we will be off!!

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