Monday, April 11, 2011

My Glassy Haul!!

I have a fair bit of glass now, Laura bought me this stash,(thank you Laura) its quite a substantial haul of some very thick rods. I have used a couple and they melt surprisingly easily considering their thickness!! I really want to get set up and try a few of them out but its hardly worth doing all the set up for the middle of the week. I am planning ion making some sets of beads this time. I feel as if I am at that point, sets instead of odd beads!!!

I want to perfect some shapes so I have bought a couple of presses. I think that's going to be another whole brand new learning curve. I hope to be soon producing lentil and heart shaped beads. I also want to make button and so much more.

We went into hospital to see Mum tonight she seems very bright and she is still positive. They have said they are fairly happy with her progress but if the wound has not made considerable progress by the weekend they will take her back to theatre to clean the wound and try to seal it up again. Fingers crossed that she continues to get better.
Last night we went around to Mad and Johns for the evening. We had a great evening, (I think) I am not absolutely sure a I drank rather a large amount of port. It was always on the cards as we were celebrating the last weekend (hopefully) before Madeline's hip replacement operation. It was the first time that I have suffered as a result of drinking port so either it was a couple of bad bottles of port, or Mad and I are losing our touch and our ability to drink!!! Good Luck Madeline I hope your operation is over and done with as soon as possible xxxx

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