Friday, April 08, 2011

Nearly the Weekend.

Thank goodness its friday its been an extremely long and hard week its difficult to balance all the emotions flying around and continue to do the day job!! I am looking forward to a bit of rest and recouperation this weekend. We are planning on seeing Madeline and John on Sunday and Tom and I are going out to a bead fair tomorrow. Because of all the going on's we don't seem to do anything together anymore.
Popped in to see Mum last night and she is definately looking better her log is still leaking fluid and they do not want to move her off of the bed in case it breaks down completely. She seems quite bright in herself although she is fed upstuck in bed for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday I received an email from my MP he had written in complaint to the health authority and they had replied to him. I think the standard of their reply is an indication of how little they care about our complaint. To start with they got my name and the MP's name wrong!! They then went on to say in one part of the letter they had received only one letter of complaint while further down they admitted to having both letters of complaint from us. I think that they are not sure what they are doing. I have given the MP all the letters we have ever sent them and he will continue to deal.

Last night while in hospital visiting we got chatting to the other relatives in the bay (there are 4 patients in each bay) turns out three out of the 4 have made complaints about the treatment. One lady has had the same take you to the theatre and then not operate scenario that Mum has had she has been down 6 days now. The other lady has a fractured hip and they want to discharge her so that she can go on a waiting list to have it repaired!!! Her daughter is ready to kill and Mum said that there had been a very heated 'discussion' between the family and the consutant about her lack of treatment. The daughter had a huge list of people she had complained to and she had also gone to her MP.Its an absolute shambles. They have taken the decision to pay for the hip replacement privately and have had to take a loan to do so.

So the question is will all this get worse before it gets better?? or is this as good as it gets??

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