Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Up and Down Day.

Today has been another up and down one, I have been at work, the weather has been beautiful and my foot has been playing up. Perhaps I am allergic to summery weather. I was in meetings all afternoon, so I had my phone on silent, once I was able to check my phone there was a message from the hospital asking me to go in. So Tom and I went in to find that Mum had experienced an 'episode' They were going to get her out of bed using the hoist, all was going well until they started to lift her she was barely off of the bed when she suffered a major bleed from her wound. The nurse said she was not sure how much blood she had lost but she described it as 'a lot' They stopped immediately and called the Doctors from critical care down.
She has now been put back on a drip and has had another blood transfusion. They have stopped the warfarin and need to give her a clotting agent to try and help the wound to heal.
When we got there she was being seen by a very nice Doctor who explained that they were not sure what was going on, she might have a urine infection, it might be the sudden loss of blood that had put her body into shock. Although she looked pretty rough when we got there, the staff said that she had been much worse before hand. By the time we left she was looking a fair bit better but she was exhausted and really needed to sleep. I have called the hospital tonight and they say that she has told them she feels better, which is good. They are about to start another transfusion of blood and they are re hydrating her with saline. She is stable and they are keeping their eye on things.
On speaking to the Doctor who was tending her, we have found out other snippets of information. He said he had no idea why the repair had broken down, he said that the notes said that there was evidence that the bones had started to regrow, but in elderly patients that could take 6 months and she may have put the repair under pressure before it was fully ready. He estimates that she may be in hospital at least 6 weeks with this operation and that is if there aren't any further complications. So keep saying a prayer or two and hope that she makes a recovery.

Last night I had dinner out with my friends, Madeline, Sue and Sandra. Madeline is having a hip replacement next week if she doesn't get cancelled, fingers crossed. Sue gave me a belated birthday present of a lovely sweet pea candle and a bead making/ jewelery making book. Very useful it is too, I had wanted to learn how to knot between beads and the book has a whole chapter on it!!

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Keeping your mother in my thoughts... xo