Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harry Potter Land!!

One of the things that we really enjoyed on holiday was the early entry to Universals Islands of Adventure. This was to take advantage of the recently opened Harry Potter Land. We had to be at the gates for 7am, which wasn't as bad as it sounds because we hadn't fully adjusted to Florida time, so it was fairly easy to get up. Once we had been checked in we walked through the very dark park. The floor was wet where they had washed it down. We had breakfast of porridge and toast in a restaurant. It was named after a pub from the film, but as I am not a Harry Potter devotee, I can't remember the name!! I mean I do enjoy the films and book, but I haven't committed to memory every little detail.

The buildings really looked good and in the early morning light it could even have been real snow, apart from the fact that it was already steamy hot and sticky!!
We were heading up the 'high street' of Hogsmeade looking for our breakfast!
At the end of the street there was the roller coaster and the 'big' ride which I didn't attempt. There had been a lot written about how small the seats were, so as Tom didn't fancy it we let the kids go on while we went on the small roller coaster. The little one was great and we had about 8 goes before the park opened!!
As soon as the park opened it was swamped with people who must have headed straight to Hogsmeade and within 30 minutes the wait for the ride was 90 minutes long!
Great day out was made even better when we were sitting waiting for the kids to come off the ride and we witnessed a butter beer explosion. The man on the butter beer stall was trying to set it all up when he experienced a bit of a mega blow back and the whole stall started to squirt butter beer all over the attendant and the floor. It was funny, poor bloke  is possibly still trying to beat off the wasps now!!!!


Fee said...

Wow Lyzzy the Harry Potter attraction looks fabulous - I'll need to try and go back next year to try it out.

Fee x

bgirl81 said...

Hi, can I ask how you got into the park so early? I went this year, but only disappointment was that it was too busy!

lyzzydee said...

Hi Bgirl81 We managed to get in so early as we have bought our tickets through our travel agent virgin atlantic, who had early park entry to people on the first and second day of their holidays. It was well worth the effort of getting up!!!