Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

While we were away we decided to have a bit of fun. All around the parks you see groups of people wearing matching T shirts, with 'Family Reunion' on them, so we thought we would do our own version of the T shirt wearing fun!!
Before we left home we asked Rick to print us some shirts, Subtle little numbers in white with Black writing, we decided that we all needed suitable names so with those chosen it was over to Rick and his magical printing machine.
The first time the shirts had an airing was on the evening of Sam's birthday. We decided to all wear them for Planet Hollywood. On the way out we took a few snaps by the big mickey Halloween pumpkin.

So here is the rear view with all our names!! from left to right Zandi, Brandi, Shandi, Candy, Andy, Sandy and Randy!! We certainly turned a few heads that night and even managed to get a special request read out for 'Andys' Birthday in Planet Hollywood. Made a few people laugh!!!
I love this shot as we all start to walk away!! its so funny. I can't believe that we only came back this month it seems like an age ago since we were there. Now we are all shivering with the cold and getting sorted for Christmas.
I was really hoping that I could make a start on my Florida scrapping. Last week I ordered a couple of hundred photos from Snap fish. They arrived on Friday and were terrible. Three packs all the photos were stuck together, on the back was written 'wet' so they had helpfully told me they were wet when put into the packets. I contacted them and they have refunded me, but it'll be another week before the next lot arrive. I can't believe  that knowing they were wet they would pack them up and send them out!!!
 Have a great week.

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