Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ferry Across the Mersey!!!

Well it had to be done, while in the north west of the country we decided to take a trip to Liverpool. I had never been there before but I have childhood memories of what I think Liverpool is like.
The memories started when I was at Junior school long before computers were invented, when doing a project for school involved actively tracking down the information required by visiting library's and writing to people. So back then we were doing a project on ports so I decided to write to the port authority for Liverpool. They sent me back some brilliant information lots of photos which were expensive in those days!!

There was one of the Mauritania similar to this one and there was one taken from the Liver Building looking out at the docks similar to the one below.

I remember thinking that it was a place that I would like to visit one day. Since then Liverpool has been through a huge regeneration program. There were riots in Toxteth in the 1980's but things have turned around now and the Liverpool we arrived in was very impressive!
We made our way to the ferry terminal and waited for the boat to return, it had been a pretty miserable day weather wise, but once on board the sun came out and looking back towards Liverpool we could almost have been in New York it looked that impressive!

We sailed on the Royal Daffodil for the 30 minute round trip.

It was well worth the journey across to Liverpool in the heavy Manchester rush hour traffic just to say that we had taken a Ferry across the Mersey!!! (Simple pleasures eh?? another one off the 'to do' list!!)

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Sue said...

Brill...I miss Liverpool