Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fabulous Flam!!

The next stop was Flam, beautiful Flam. This tiny little village right at the end of the Sonngefjord. It is a wonderful place even in the pouring rain. We arrived in the early morning, we had booked a trip from the ship excursion desk, the trip didn't leave until the afternoon, so we braved the rain and headed out to the village. It was so pretty with tiny brightly coloured houses dotted around. The village consisted of a few shops and houses.
There were plenty of trolls on display. The Troll is on the left in this picture!!!
In the afternoon we took a coach ride up into the mountains, there we saw snow, rain and very low clouds.
It was very pretty. Once at the top of the mountain we had to come down by a windy road that had 13 hairpin bends, its was scary!!!

By the time we arrived in Flam we were as far north as we were going to get on this trip. We experienced the phenomenon known as the midnight sun. It was fantastic to be able to go out on deck and for it to be light enough to read at midnight!! The sun got down as far as the horizon, but it just stayed there before slowly heading back up again.

I have some more Flam Fjord photos for tomorrow.

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