Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Hum Dinger of a Storm!!!

I am determined one way or another to try and get tickets to see something in the Olympic next year, I have failed on the original allocation and I have failed in the second chance allocation, so now its down to trying to win some in a draw!!! Beth's School is bidding to be able to carry the Olympic Torch in the run up to the games, so they need people to bid for them, you can help them out by bidding for them HERE and at the same time have a chance of winning some tickets. Please support the school and give yourself a chance!!!!!!

This afternoon the storm promised for yesterday afternoon arrived in a very big way, I got caught outside and was soaked in a matter of seconds!! The air cooled immediately but we were treated to a huge electric storm which resulted in all the lights going out at work and a switch onto emergency generator. The lightening was amazing and the thunder was right over head. You can't beat a good summer electric storm!!
I have a few photos that I took at conference last week, the venue was fantastic. It was a converted Railway Station, huge and airy. You could see out of the top windows the roof of the Midland Hotel opposite.
The hotel is famous for being the place used by the Beckhams when they visit Manchester! It looked good, but walking by the kitchen on the way to conference was a bit off putting, somehow fried breakfast is never so appetising once you have eaten!

The restoration of the building was great staff said that this was the original clock from the station!
I think we are back to Bournemouth next year, I like the seaside!!

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