Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where has summer gone????

This weekend has been a complete wash out, we have had heavy rain and then some more. Carl has been trying to get his tent dried out after the camp last weekend. It has been erected on the trampoline and although the outside is dry the inside had gallons of water trapped there. I have turned it over and I hope that can be packed away some time soon.
Mum seems to be settling in well at the new rehabilitation hospital. I feel much happier with her there, to start with the staff seem less rushed off their feet. There are Doctors available and the place is modern and bright. Mum has been taken out to have her meals in a dining room and the two ladies in her bay seem fine. Today Dad drove over for the first time and took Keith and Nicky. She seems to be happy and keen to make progress, so I am hoping that she keeps that thought!!
Today is Fathers day so I called around to see Dad this morning and gave him his presents and card.His garden is looking good, he has a load of tomatoes on the go in the green house and some are even quite large still have a way to go before the will be edible!
He has a fantastic display of roses today you could smell the fragrance on the wind.
My favourite colour for roses in the whole world is orange, you just can't beat a vibrant orange rose. My friend Madeline always manages to find me gorgeous orange roses for my birthday !!!
 This little bush is smothered in buds, the flowers are beautiful when in bud, but once they fully open up they are no where near as pretty.
Dad is particularly pleased with his sweet peas they are all purple and a bargain. They cost him a pound for a ropey looking pot full of seedlings which he has nurtured and grown in to great display!
This week I am away at conference again, it will be nice to check out the sites and delights of Manchester. I just need to confirm which hotel  am in and I will be set !!
Have a great week.

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