Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Second Stop - Bergen.

We arrived in Bergen around 9am. The port was a bus ride from the town, so we queued up and got on the bus. Again it was pouring with rain and just a little bit chilly. Once we had been dropped off we were given a plan of the town and we wandered off to see what there was. Right in the middle was this lake and a fountain, very pretty with lots of little houses dotted on the hill behind.
We walked through the town and came across a very pretty little harbour complete with boats and lots of little market stalls on the quayside. The water was absolutely clear and you could see right down to the stones in the bottom. We found a stall selling traditional Norwegian knitwear, so we bought Laura and Carl a pair of thick hand knitted socks. Beth wanted a wolf knitted hat so we got her that!!

Its a very warm hat!!! Last Christmas I had all sorts of problems trying to track down a Panda hat for her, if only I had known they were 'big' in Norway!!!
This was the stall we made our woolly purchases at!!


Anonymous said...

it looks really lovely!!
love Tina

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!