Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will I Ever Get a Spare Five Minutes????

I sometimes wonder what is going on and how I come in for all sorts of problems. This week has seen my daughter end up in hospital with an emergency operation. On the plus side it was dealt with quickly and efficiently. She had a pain in her back, which turned out to be an abscess, she had been put on heavy duty anti biotics, but these didn't have much of an effect. She ended up going to Accident and Emergency and they whisked her straight off to surgery. She was very brave and had the procedure under epidural. She is now feeling much better, but is facing a little time to have the matter heal up. 
On the same evening that we were visiting her, Mum had a funny turn, she had a pain in her chest and she ended up being put on drugs and oxygen and the Doctors carried out an ECG. We have seen her tonight and they have ruled out another heart attack, (they carried out blood tests) she is feeling very fed up and sorry for herself. 
I hope we are moving towards a resolution with her, generally she is doing much much better and I am hopeful that she is close to being moved to rehab. 
Tomorrow I have some time away at a conference in Reading and next week I am away at National conference in Manchester. It will be nice to have a break!!!

I can hardly believe that we are nearly two weeks on from our holiday where we were treated to views like these from the deck. I am going to go back there sometime soon and the next time I am ordering bright sunny weather so that we can see all the scenery in all its glory!!!

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Shirley said...

Hope Laura and Mum improve soon!xxxxx