Monday, June 06, 2011


We arrived in a very wet and blustery Amsterdam. I was quite shocked to realise that we had actually arrived right in the centre of Amsterdam, I was looking out of the window when I saw the building which I can only describe as looking like a ski slope, glide by. It was then I realised that we were going to be berthed behind the central railway station. We have been there several times before and I knew my way from there!
We got off and walked into the centre and as we looked back we realised just how big the ship was in comparison to the nearby buildings, the building to the right of the ship is a concert arena and was big in its own right!
The ship was however small in comparison to the huge Movenpick Hotel that stood right next door to the terminal. While we were in the city centre, more guests joined the ship. Amsterdam was buzzing and in a strange way felt quite 'undafe' It was a Saturday night and there were gangs of people. One group seemed to be wearing white and gold coloured clothes. We stopped for a drink in a bar and asked the waiter who said that they were supporting a local singer who wore those colours, he said every week it was something different. The bonus was that we came across my favourite shop Blokker - Its like a Dutch Pound Stretcher!!! We managed to find some great bargains there, Plus I will know where it is when we return in the summer.

When we came to leave it was getting dark and the rain had started again. We had a good day and we were starting to get excited about heading to the Fjords!

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