Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Again

I am now home again after a very good conference, there was the usual combination of boring staff with loads of far more interesting stuff and only one card vote!! I do enjoy national conference, you see all sorts of people and learn all sorts of things!!
This year they had some great T shirts and Steph managed to bag a free one, it wasn't until we looked at it we realised it was small and not one of us is small sized, so we took it outside and decided to get a few shot of Mark holding it up against himself. Unfortunately, Steph was not in full control of her phone and instead of taking the shot she kept switching the phone off, this meant that we were there far longer than expected.
This is the shot that we were trying to get. What we didn't realise until around 10pm that night was that while we were faffing around ITV were filming us. We appeared briefly on the 10pm news review of the conference!!
Here we are trying to get the shot, Fame at last eh??? well around 5 seconds of fame!!!
Thanks to all of you who noticed us!!!
The week flew by and we have come away reinvigorated and full of ideas of what we need to do to try and get messages out there. The future looks bleak for all public service workers and I am sure our own members have no idea what is coming, we plan to change that in the near future.

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