Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Long Party....

Its funny how the nice weather brings out the party animal in all of us, we seem to have been to a few gatherings of late and the odd alcoholic drink has slipped down almost un-noticed!!

Last night the beautiful weather took a turn for the worse and we had a humdinger of a thunderstorm. The only problem was that we were out at a barbecue, it was a real shame that the weather literally put a damper on things. The only good thing was that the rain came quite late after a lot of people had consumed a lot of homemade wine. (who knows how strong that stuff was,)

I didn't know too many people there, but Andy my washing machine man was on fine form, he managed to cook the barbecue and then it was all downhill from there on, he had great fun but managed to smash his head off the conservatory wall and while stumbling around in the garden he face planted a garden chair, no blood, but there will be bruises, it looked pretty battered last night!!!

I am getting too old for all this merry making, its exhausting.

On a more sober note, this week I tried snorkeling, having had a go at scuba I thought this would be easier, well it wasn't easier, but it was different. I will need to practice the skills needed to snorkel. You don't have to  panic, you have to keep your breathing steady, you also have to conserve energy, by not flapping around with your arms and practice using your fins  instead. It was a very nice first attempt and I think I would like another go at it. Its less equipment intensive and not quite as scary. As a bonus I got a certificate and a badge, I do like a nice badge!!

Back into the fray, hope you all have a great week. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Great Weather Continues.

This past week the weather has been fantastic, really hot and lovely. Its been ages since we have had such a lovely run of weather. Today was Mums birthday, 78 years young, so we decided to take her out for lunch at The Beehive Pub.Laura wasn't feeling too well so she wasn't able to make it. Beth had a shift at work so it was just the five of us.We had a lovely Carvery meal, turkey in July, you can't beat it!! I am afraid my eyes were bigger than my belly and I had a bit left over!! They were very kind and put it all in tin foil for Hunny, who was very pleased that I had a little present for her!!

When we got back we popped in for a cuppa and a slice of birthday cake.

The weekend off got off to a great start, we went out for the evening with our friends Rick and Dina, we hadn't seen them for ages and they live so close so there is no excuse really!!! We had a  ticket that we won on a quiz night earlier in the year, so we used that. In the end we all had a main course and three puddings between four of us, it worked out around £2.50 each for the food!! (We split the outstanding amount!) Bargain!!!

Yesterday we had our friends the Jackson's around for a pre holiday planning meeting (or a barbecue!!) Here I am wearing my Disney outfit! Last time we went we all dressed in matching T shirts with our adopted names on the back - Shandy, Randy, Brandy, Candy, Andy, Dandy, Mandy and Sandy!!!!! This time I have found some T shirts in the Primark sale so this year we will have matching back in the day shirts!!
We finished the evening off with a couple of rounds of the saucepan game, its funny how it gets funnier and harder to play when you have had a few drinks!!
Sadly the weather is due to break this week, the forecast is for storms mid week so we had better make the most of what we have left.
Have a great week!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave!!!

We finally have the summer that we have all been waiting for, for ages it seems!!! At last we are having long hot days which of course means long hot nights as well! I enjoy the days but the nights are something else!!!
I still think on balance I would rather have the nice hot weather!
I have had a busy time of late with a trip to Cambridge for a birthday get together at the beginning of the month, then last weekend I had a night away in Brentwood in Essex for another conference. It was at this conference that I had a very strange experience. 
During the evening we had a disco, a nice buffet and a bit of a bop. There were other people around on the same conference and a couple of the ladies worked for businesses locally so I spoke to them with a view to doing a bit of networking. During that evening one of the ladies husband turned up and I thought I recognised him, so I spent a while trying to sort out in my head why I knew him. Eventually I had to ask and it turned out he was a lad who lived in the same village as me and was in the class above me at the village school!! He was also the first boyfriend of one of my dear friends, who stole his heart and in his words was 'my one true love' I hope his wife didn't hear that comment!!!

All the wonderful weather has really bought on the plants , Dad has some lovely Sweet peas, they smell gorgeous!

I was on a walk when I noticed some deadly nightshade, looks very pretty.

You can't beat summer roses, we finally have some beautiful blooms. It has taken a few years for them to establish themselves again after they were battered when we had the fences replaced, but the circumstances are perfect for them this year. 

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Open Topped Car Ride!!

I was very pleased with myself last year to fit into Carl's car, the next step was to have a go on a nice sunny day with the top down. That day finally arrived last week. It has been an issue waiting for a hot sunny day but we have now had a few hot days so I asked Carl to take me out for a spin!

The car is so close to the ground it feels like you are sitting on the road. In fact getting in wasn't too bad, but getting out was interesting. I had to make sure it wasn't parked too close to the kerb because I couldn't bend my knees that much to get out!!!

It was good fun zapping along with the wind in your hair!! I wish I had had a sports car when I was younger!!!
I have had another of those weeks, frantically busy with work trips into London and a train trip into Cambridge. The trouble is when the weather changes into real summer with heat and sun, travelling becomes unpleasant. After my London trip I did something I had never done before, I was walking to the station with a colleague when we walked past a pub, a pub serving cold draught cider, draught cider in an air conditioned pub, it was too hard to resist, we went in and had a pint, not even a half pint, a whole pint each and it was so good!!!!
Last night we went to Cambridge for an evening reception, it was lovely, a buffet in a marquee, some good speakers and free wine. FREE WINE!!! Whats not to like? I joined my friends chatting ad before I knew it I was feeling a little light headed and on the way back to the train station, I have no idea where the evening went, I felt delicate while on the train, but luckily I was OK this morning!!! Thank goodness I had Tom to chaperon me!!!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Beautiful Flowers!

We recently celebrated our Wedding Anniversary (I am sure that you realise that by now!!!) We were very lucky as friends and family sent us flowers and gifts. My friend Karen gave us these beautiful Gerberas. They have been lovely, really bright vibrant colours and they have lasted ages and ages. They are still going now, two weeks later. 

I took them for a trip into the back garden to get a few shots of them.

I love the detail in the centres. They are all different and individual. 

Mum and Dad sent us a beautiful hand tied bouquet, so we have been very lucky!

Last year we decided to plant the gardens with plants that come every year, well every couple of years. This year we have a great big clump of this plant, trouble is I have no idea what t is !! Its very pretty though.  
Our bird feeders are still being regularly visited by mainly big fat pigeons who hog all the seed, we are getting through a whole feeder of food a day!! This morning I was getting ready for work when I spotted a squirrel tucking into the peanuts!! Its the first time I have seen a squirrel in the garden for years, since we had the tree taken down a few years ago! I wasn't quite quick enough with my camera to get a shot!!!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Prom Night!!!

Last week Beth had her year 11 Prom. We had prepared well, we started months ago looking for dresses. Beth knew what she wanted so we decided to take a chance and order the dress from a company in China. Beth had firm ideas on the style and colour so we eventually tracked the perfect dress down and ordered it. It took around 7 weeks from order to arrival. Once it was here it was just what she wanted!!

It was good to have the bodice style top as it made the fit fully adjustable.

On the night of the Prom it poured with rain, so I didn't get much chance to take many photos. Luckily there was a photographer and Beth bought some photos for the album.
The Prom was held in a marquee at The Noke Hotel in St Albans, Beth said it was great fun and she really enjoyed herself, although she also said that the toilets were not too good!!

Beth and Chelsea.

Beth and her friends!! I can't believe that the time has gone so fast and that in September she will be starting college and the next part of her education.