Thursday, July 04, 2013

Beautiful Flowers!

We recently celebrated our Wedding Anniversary (I am sure that you realise that by now!!!) We were very lucky as friends and family sent us flowers and gifts. My friend Karen gave us these beautiful Gerberas. They have been lovely, really bright vibrant colours and they have lasted ages and ages. They are still going now, two weeks later. 

I took them for a trip into the back garden to get a few shots of them.

I love the detail in the centres. They are all different and individual. 

Mum and Dad sent us a beautiful hand tied bouquet, so we have been very lucky!

Last year we decided to plant the gardens with plants that come every year, well every couple of years. This year we have a great big clump of this plant, trouble is I have no idea what t is !! Its very pretty though.  
Our bird feeders are still being regularly visited by mainly big fat pigeons who hog all the seed, we are getting through a whole feeder of food a day!! This morning I was getting ready for work when I spotted a squirrel tucking into the peanuts!! Its the first time I have seen a squirrel in the garden for years, since we had the tree taken down a few years ago! I wasn't quite quick enough with my camera to get a shot!!!

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