Saturday, July 06, 2013

Open Topped Car Ride!!

I was very pleased with myself last year to fit into Carl's car, the next step was to have a go on a nice sunny day with the top down. That day finally arrived last week. It has been an issue waiting for a hot sunny day but we have now had a few hot days so I asked Carl to take me out for a spin!

The car is so close to the ground it feels like you are sitting on the road. In fact getting in wasn't too bad, but getting out was interesting. I had to make sure it wasn't parked too close to the kerb because I couldn't bend my knees that much to get out!!!

It was good fun zapping along with the wind in your hair!! I wish I had had a sports car when I was younger!!!
I have had another of those weeks, frantically busy with work trips into London and a train trip into Cambridge. The trouble is when the weather changes into real summer with heat and sun, travelling becomes unpleasant. After my London trip I did something I had never done before, I was walking to the station with a colleague when we walked past a pub, a pub serving cold draught cider, draught cider in an air conditioned pub, it was too hard to resist, we went in and had a pint, not even a half pint, a whole pint each and it was so good!!!!
Last night we went to Cambridge for an evening reception, it was lovely, a buffet in a marquee, some good speakers and free wine. FREE WINE!!! Whats not to like? I joined my friends chatting ad before I knew it I was feeling a little light headed and on the way back to the train station, I have no idea where the evening went, I felt delicate while on the train, but luckily I was OK this morning!!! Thank goodness I had Tom to chaperon me!!!

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