Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave!!!

We finally have the summer that we have all been waiting for, for ages it seems!!! At last we are having long hot days which of course means long hot nights as well! I enjoy the days but the nights are something else!!!
I still think on balance I would rather have the nice hot weather!
I have had a busy time of late with a trip to Cambridge for a birthday get together at the beginning of the month, then last weekend I had a night away in Brentwood in Essex for another conference. It was at this conference that I had a very strange experience. 
During the evening we had a disco, a nice buffet and a bit of a bop. There were other people around on the same conference and a couple of the ladies worked for businesses locally so I spoke to them with a view to doing a bit of networking. During that evening one of the ladies husband turned up and I thought I recognised him, so I spent a while trying to sort out in my head why I knew him. Eventually I had to ask and it turned out he was a lad who lived in the same village as me and was in the class above me at the village school!! He was also the first boyfriend of one of my dear friends, who stole his heart and in his words was 'my one true love' I hope his wife didn't hear that comment!!!

All the wonderful weather has really bought on the plants , Dad has some lovely Sweet peas, they smell gorgeous!

I was on a walk when I noticed some deadly nightshade, looks very pretty.

You can't beat summer roses, we finally have some beautiful blooms. It has taken a few years for them to establish themselves again after they were battered when we had the fences replaced, but the circumstances are perfect for them this year. 

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