Saturday, July 30, 2011

All Gone!!

This week our garden has undergone some radical changes, for quite a few years we have been thinking about having the trees on the left side of the garden removed. The people originally in this house must have been tree freaks because when we moved in the back garden which only measures 20ft wide by 30ft long had a huge silver birch, an apple tree, a fully functioning and heavily fruiting plum tree, a weeping willow, a fir type of tree and a Scots pine. Over the years we have gradually got rid of them, the garden is simply too small and overcrowded.
The only two left were on the left of the garden, the fir tree and the Scots pine. The Scots pine seems to have taken off over the past few years and was much taller than the house. The fir tree was getting wider and wider, so we took the plunge and had them chopped.

So we took the plunge and had them chopped. The tree surgeon came on Thursday and took down all of the trees and overgrown shrubs.

He had to climb up the tree and chop it into pieces to get rid of it. We saved the logs for Steph and her open fire in the winter (by then the sap may have dried up!!!)

The only plant that we saved was my favourite oranges and lemon rose, its looking a bit surprised now to be sitting there all alone in the blazing sunlight!!

The plan was for the company to come back on the Friday to grind the roots and put up a fence as its quite exposed now. Well things never go according to plan and when we got up Friday morning the was a car parked parallel to our back fence and gate, it was locked but parked so badly that it was taking two parking spaces and we couldn't open the back gate. The bloke wasn't able to get the grinder in so now he is coming back on Monday to finish up. We eventually tracked down the owner thanks to our local PCSO Christina and the car was moved by the owners wife who could believe that her husband had been that anxious to get away on his fishing holiday that he had dumped the car!!!

So now the garden looks like a wilderness with piles of sawdust all over the grass. There is no place to hide and not a speck of shade!! I sat out for a while but in the end had to sit under the washing on the line. We do have a parasol, but its out of reach as we have had to stash 'stuff' on the opposite side of the garden.  I am sure it will be great once its done!
Tonight we are off to a Wedding reception, can't wait!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lets Party!!!

Today we had a street party. Its been an age since we have had a street party and it was great to see so many present and past neighbours!! We did have an organising meeting last week, but all we did really was had a few drinks and a spaghetti and meatballs dinner!!! Any how it came together and we had a brilliant day!
So who were the movers and shakers??? This year we had no representatives from number one. The present owners of number 2 were away so they donated a bottle of wine and a happy 30th Birthday Card
 (our road is 30 this year!!)
 We had a visit from the previous residents of number 2, Rachel,Dave, Lauren, Monty and Nathan. They bought their puppy Smudge.

We are at number 3, so Liz, Tom, Laura and Beth.
Number 4, the longest residents, Karen, Graham, Nick,Zoe and Megan.
Number 5 the previous owners Clive, Tracey and Brogan and the present owners Grant, Emily , Phoebe and Olivia.
Number six, the present owners Simon Tannaz and Keanush.
No representatives from number 7 :(

There was plenty of food, a barbecue and cakes along with plenty of drink!!!
Year and years ago, we think at least 10 years ago, Tracey,Karen,Rachel and I sat outside under the tree and made bunting and sipped wine. We used the tried and tested technique of string and staplers. We had quite a production line going, one cutting, one stapling, one spacing the flags and one topping up the drinks. We made yards and yards of the stuff!! Karen kept the huge roll of bunting and we got it out today and decorated the street!! It was in remarkably good condition although it was a bit creased and the spacing was shot, but I could recognise some of the fabric and it bought back the memories!!!

I am amazed that it has lasted so long!!!

Here we have the men putting the world to rights!!!

Topped off with some of Karen's wonderful cup cakes!!

We all enjoyed it so much that we have made a plan for the winter. For the past few years we have had snow at some point we all usually end up out the front making snow men and having snowball fights, well this year we are going to have a team barbecue on that day when we are stuck at home!!!!
Happy Days!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Car New Week

Last weekend Dad and I went out and found him a new car. He wanted something that was a bit higher and a little more comfortable than his corsa, he likes our Zafira, Ruby, so we went and had a look at a few of those!! He needed an automatic and this blue one fit the bill. This week it has been converted to hand controls and he is now up and running. The brakes are little on the sharp side, but he'll get used to it!!!

On Wednesday we went into Hospital to speak to the physios, Mum is making slow progress and she is keen to get home. They won't discharge her until she is safe to walk and not fall over. It looks like there may be a fair way to go with that one. Today she was taken back to the QE2 where they have Xrayed her again and she was seen by the consultant. They have told her that the bone is slowly healing but they estimate at least another 6 weeks for there to be noticeable healing. There is still some infection and that is slowly getting better. I think there are a huge number of hurdles for her to over come and I am not sure that she will ever be able to do so.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy....

This past week has flown by. Much the same as the weekend. Already facing another week at work.
We went over to Bishops Stortford to see Mum this afternoon and she as down in the dumps. She has been there a month and has been making fantastic progress on her best day she walked 46 steps which is really good. Trouble is she is fed up with being in hospital and wants to be home. That seems to lead to tensions between her and Dad and then things get out of hand and they both end up upset. I do feel that we may be getting closer to getting her home as the staff have visited Dad at home and know what they need to do to get things right for her. (not very much!!)

I just wanted to do a last minute plea for sponsorship for Carl. He is next month going to climb Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise money for the local Scout Group. This is not an easy option for him and it has not been cheap, while it will be an experience it would be great if he could help the Scouts out along the way!!
So please visit his just giving page HERE and pledge a couple pounds .

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fantastic Night!!!! - The Ego Has Landed!!!

Last night I went to Wembley with some dear friends. My friend (Karen over the road as she is known  in these parts!!) managed to get some much sought after tickets for Take That The Progress Live 2011 Tour.
We headed off around 5 pm after a nice sandwich tea with juice lovingly prepared by Karen. We had booked the car park the night before and when we arrived were pleased to find it was minutes from the stadium! We went in and found a seat and had a fantastic view of everything.
I was amazed at the size of the arena, it was massive, the number of people was incredible, the whole place seemed to be breathing!!

The supporting act was the 'Pet Shop Boys' In reality it was Pet Shop Boy. Very good none the less!!
The main show was brilliant Take That were outstanding and put on a brilliant show, loads of effects and the songs took you straight back!!!

It was a brilliant night out that I would do all over again!! The only bad news was that our perfect car park was not to easy t exit, so we ended up sat in a queue for well over an hour eating the last of the sandwiches and trying not to think of running water as we all needed the loo!!!
We eventually got home in the wee small hours of the morning!!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why do Weekends go so Fast?????

The weekend takes ages to arrive and then in a flash its gone. We look forward to it all week and then in no time it has passed us by. I really wish they were longer. The past week at work we have been bombarded with pension issues. I had expected to be able to retire at 60 when I started my working life all those years ago and as such I have paid into several pension schemes to enable that to happen. A few years ago the government decided that we were all living longer so they would equalise the retirement date for men and women. Men were retiring at 65 so they started to move the women's retirement age towards that. So for a few years the age I could go at moved to 62, still not too bad.  Well now that date has moved again and I am looking at being 66 before I can retire. Its a real problem, it now feels like I am never going to get there so what is the point of having a pension I am not overly likely to see?? who knows how many people die before they reach 65??
I feel its particularly unfair because when I started I made my plans, I think they need to apply the changes to people who are starting work and not to those of us who are already nearing the end. I feel like I will never get there!!!
This weekend we spotted the trees by the back door moving without the aid of any wind, I thought it a bit strange and thought it was some birds on the bird feeder. So I looked a bit closer and spotted a pair of mice clinging onto the wire and having a good feed!!

It was quite difficult to photograph them as they had arrived as it was getting dark. Since last week they have been back every evening and I realise that they have been coming for a while. We had spotted evidence of activity below the feeder but we had assumed it was the pigeon as he had tried loads of times to get nuts from the tree!!

This afternoon we visited Mum in the Herts and Essex Hospital, she is doing well but is struggling with depression and the stresses and strains of getting back on her feet. We have decided at work to send her post cards to cheer her up. So today she had an array of cards from all my work friends. If anyone out there wants to send her a post card, please feel free, She is Mrs Maureen Botwright, Cambridge Ward, Herts and Essex Hospital, Bishops Stortford. Herts (I have no idea of the post code) She collects post cards so all would be welcome!!!
Have a great week.