Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lets Party!!!

Today we had a street party. Its been an age since we have had a street party and it was great to see so many present and past neighbours!! We did have an organising meeting last week, but all we did really was had a few drinks and a spaghetti and meatballs dinner!!! Any how it came together and we had a brilliant day!
So who were the movers and shakers??? This year we had no representatives from number one. The present owners of number 2 were away so they donated a bottle of wine and a happy 30th Birthday Card
 (our road is 30 this year!!)
 We had a visit from the previous residents of number 2, Rachel,Dave, Lauren, Monty and Nathan. They bought their puppy Smudge.

We are at number 3, so Liz, Tom, Laura and Beth.
Number 4, the longest residents, Karen, Graham, Nick,Zoe and Megan.
Number 5 the previous owners Clive, Tracey and Brogan and the present owners Grant, Emily , Phoebe and Olivia.
Number six, the present owners Simon Tannaz and Keanush.
No representatives from number 7 :(

There was plenty of food, a barbecue and cakes along with plenty of drink!!!
Year and years ago, we think at least 10 years ago, Tracey,Karen,Rachel and I sat outside under the tree and made bunting and sipped wine. We used the tried and tested technique of string and staplers. We had quite a production line going, one cutting, one stapling, one spacing the flags and one topping up the drinks. We made yards and yards of the stuff!! Karen kept the huge roll of bunting and we got it out today and decorated the street!! It was in remarkably good condition although it was a bit creased and the spacing was shot, but I could recognise some of the fabric and it bought back the memories!!!

I am amazed that it has lasted so long!!!

Here we have the men putting the world to rights!!!

Topped off with some of Karen's wonderful cup cakes!!

We all enjoyed it so much that we have made a plan for the winter. For the past few years we have had snow at some point we all usually end up out the front making snow men and having snowball fights, well this year we are going to have a team barbecue on that day when we are stuck at home!!!!
Happy Days!!!

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