Friday, July 15, 2011

New Car New Week

Last weekend Dad and I went out and found him a new car. He wanted something that was a bit higher and a little more comfortable than his corsa, he likes our Zafira, Ruby, so we went and had a look at a few of those!! He needed an automatic and this blue one fit the bill. This week it has been converted to hand controls and he is now up and running. The brakes are little on the sharp side, but he'll get used to it!!!

On Wednesday we went into Hospital to speak to the physios, Mum is making slow progress and she is keen to get home. They won't discharge her until she is safe to walk and not fall over. It looks like there may be a fair way to go with that one. Today she was taken back to the QE2 where they have Xrayed her again and she was seen by the consultant. They have told her that the bone is slowly healing but they estimate at least another 6 weeks for there to be noticeable healing. There is still some infection and that is slowly getting better. I think there are a huge number of hurdles for her to over come and I am not sure that she will ever be able to do so.


Raymonde said...

Nice car! So glad to hear your dad is so keen to get out and about.

Hope your mum's health improves more quickly. xxx

printed stress relievers said...

I am very happy to hear that you dad buy a new car. Its color is so awesome and great, I have same model of car. Now a days this type of car is very popular in market.

John Prue said...

I echo Raymonde's message. It's a very nice-looking car. It seems like something that your father would enjoy driving.

-John Prue