Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why do Weekends go so Fast?????

The weekend takes ages to arrive and then in a flash its gone. We look forward to it all week and then in no time it has passed us by. I really wish they were longer. The past week at work we have been bombarded with pension issues. I had expected to be able to retire at 60 when I started my working life all those years ago and as such I have paid into several pension schemes to enable that to happen. A few years ago the government decided that we were all living longer so they would equalise the retirement date for men and women. Men were retiring at 65 so they started to move the women's retirement age towards that. So for a few years the age I could go at moved to 62, still not too bad.  Well now that date has moved again and I am looking at being 66 before I can retire. Its a real problem, it now feels like I am never going to get there so what is the point of having a pension I am not overly likely to see?? who knows how many people die before they reach 65??
I feel its particularly unfair because when I started I made my plans, I think they need to apply the changes to people who are starting work and not to those of us who are already nearing the end. I feel like I will never get there!!!
This weekend we spotted the trees by the back door moving without the aid of any wind, I thought it a bit strange and thought it was some birds on the bird feeder. So I looked a bit closer and spotted a pair of mice clinging onto the wire and having a good feed!!

It was quite difficult to photograph them as they had arrived as it was getting dark. Since last week they have been back every evening and I realise that they have been coming for a while. We had spotted evidence of activity below the feeder but we had assumed it was the pigeon as he had tried loads of times to get nuts from the tree!!

This afternoon we visited Mum in the Herts and Essex Hospital, she is doing well but is struggling with depression and the stresses and strains of getting back on her feet. We have decided at work to send her post cards to cheer her up. So today she had an array of cards from all my work friends. If anyone out there wants to send her a post card, please feel free, She is Mrs Maureen Botwright, Cambridge Ward, Herts and Essex Hospital, Bishops Stortford. Herts (I have no idea of the post code) She collects post cards so all would be welcome!!!
Have a great week.

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Jen said...

Great pics! I commiserate re the pension as it's the same for me. From thinking I only had another 10 years I now have 16 years to go. It's not b.... fair :( Is mum's address this one? Herts and Essex Community Hospital. Haymeads Lane, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5JH? I'll send her a card. Take care and SEE YOU SOON! xxx