Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fantastic Night!!!! - The Ego Has Landed!!!

Last night I went to Wembley with some dear friends. My friend (Karen over the road as she is known  in these parts!!) managed to get some much sought after tickets for Take That The Progress Live 2011 Tour.
We headed off around 5 pm after a nice sandwich tea with juice lovingly prepared by Karen. We had booked the car park the night before and when we arrived were pleased to find it was minutes from the stadium! We went in and found a seat and had a fantastic view of everything.
I was amazed at the size of the arena, it was massive, the number of people was incredible, the whole place seemed to be breathing!!

The supporting act was the 'Pet Shop Boys' In reality it was Pet Shop Boy. Very good none the less!!
The main show was brilliant Take That were outstanding and put on a brilliant show, loads of effects and the songs took you straight back!!!

It was a brilliant night out that I would do all over again!! The only bad news was that our perfect car park was not to easy t exit, so we ended up sat in a queue for well over an hour eating the last of the sandwiches and trying not to think of running water as we all needed the loo!!!
We eventually got home in the wee small hours of the morning!!


karen-over-the-road said...

fab pics Liz - a night I will "never forget" xxx

Brodders said...

I enjoyed it when I went to Sunderland even though I'm not really a fan ! I bet they get fed up of doing the same thing night after night .