Saturday, July 30, 2011

All Gone!!

This week our garden has undergone some radical changes, for quite a few years we have been thinking about having the trees on the left side of the garden removed. The people originally in this house must have been tree freaks because when we moved in the back garden which only measures 20ft wide by 30ft long had a huge silver birch, an apple tree, a fully functioning and heavily fruiting plum tree, a weeping willow, a fir type of tree and a Scots pine. Over the years we have gradually got rid of them, the garden is simply too small and overcrowded.
The only two left were on the left of the garden, the fir tree and the Scots pine. The Scots pine seems to have taken off over the past few years and was much taller than the house. The fir tree was getting wider and wider, so we took the plunge and had them chopped.

So we took the plunge and had them chopped. The tree surgeon came on Thursday and took down all of the trees and overgrown shrubs.

He had to climb up the tree and chop it into pieces to get rid of it. We saved the logs for Steph and her open fire in the winter (by then the sap may have dried up!!!)

The only plant that we saved was my favourite oranges and lemon rose, its looking a bit surprised now to be sitting there all alone in the blazing sunlight!!

The plan was for the company to come back on the Friday to grind the roots and put up a fence as its quite exposed now. Well things never go according to plan and when we got up Friday morning the was a car parked parallel to our back fence and gate, it was locked but parked so badly that it was taking two parking spaces and we couldn't open the back gate. The bloke wasn't able to get the grinder in so now he is coming back on Monday to finish up. We eventually tracked down the owner thanks to our local PCSO Christina and the car was moved by the owners wife who could believe that her husband had been that anxious to get away on his fishing holiday that he had dumped the car!!!

So now the garden looks like a wilderness with piles of sawdust all over the grass. There is no place to hide and not a speck of shade!! I sat out for a while but in the end had to sit under the washing on the line. We do have a parasol, but its out of reach as we have had to stash 'stuff' on the opposite side of the garden.  I am sure it will be great once its done!
Tonight we are off to a Wedding reception, can't wait!!!

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