Friday, October 26, 2012

A good March!!

Bright and early on Saturday morning we headed off to Cockfosters underground station to catch a train into central London, Green Park to be precise!! We had our banners all safe in a black bin bag. We arrived around 45 minutes before the march was due to start. We made our way to the short march start which was next door to the Ritz, very swish!! There we lined up with all the other marchers and waited for the main march to meet us. 

The atmosphere was great with everyone chatting and exchanging stories. it was a fun event loads of banners and lots of noise. (although I was disappointed that I had forgotten to bring my horn and drum!!) I expect people close to me were happy that I had forgotten them!!! 

Beth gave her placard an airing and it was very topical. She was continually photographed with it and out of all of us on the march she managed to star on both the ITV and Channel 4 news!! Since we have been back home, we have done a google search on her placard and there are pictures of it all over the place!!

The March was MASSIVE!! there were thousands and thousands of people there. All sorts of Unions and groups were represented and it stretched  for a fair distance with the last marchers arriving in Hyde Park a full three hours after the first people. 

We arrived in Hyde Park (which was horribly muddy) and joined the crowds heading for the arena and the portaloos!! We decided not to stay too long and head back before the crowds hit the underground.

On the way out of the park we came across piles and piles of discarded banners and flags, well I do like a nice flag or two so I asked around and confirmed they had been dumped, so I liberated a couple of the big UNISON ones to take back home with me!!!

Something else to carry back with us!!!
It was a great day out and I would be more than happy to do it all again!!
Beth entered her placard into an online competition, thanks to all our friends she was voted into the top ten, we have our fingers crossed that she might win a prize, we'll have to wait and see!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Off to London....

Today we are off to London to join colleagues on the anti austerity march organised by the TUC. Beth has been joining in by making a placard to carry. 

We submitted to an online competition and she has made it into the top ten!!

Could any of my readers pop along and like it on the web site, the more likes the more likely she is to win!!

Will update on our return, pray for fine weather!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fast Forward a Week...

Its Laura's birthday!!!!
I am in my season of birthdays !! 
Its an expensive and exciting time.

Laura loves purple so we ordered her a purple cup cake covered with roses in purple and white butter cream, lots of sparkles, flowers and butterflies.

It is very very rich, so only a small sliver for me!!!

It was hard to get a photo of the birthday girl this was my best shot!!

Tomorrow we are all going into London to take part in the big TUC march. I hope it stays dry, we have been making banners and getting our flags and whistles ready, can't wait to get some photos!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Weekend.

This past weekend has been one of those busy ones lots going on and lots to do. We need to sort out the garden for the winter, but we were both so tired that it was a good thought and not much more than that!!!
In the end we popped out to try and get some pictures of the autumn, That wasn't too successful either, first of all picked up the camera and forgot I had taken the SD card out, so we went back collected it and then by the time we got back and I took one photo before the heavens opened !!!!

Beth is getting excited at the thought of Halloween, so this year she has been trying out some special effects to use with her costume. I think she has done pretty well using make up and PVA glue!!

Her friends are quite impressed as well, so she has a few commissions for the big night!!!
She is quite interested in doing more of this and as a result of that I have had to invest in some medicinal quality latex. On the plus side she is able to use it as part of her GCSE art course, so her friend Megan has been a victim as well!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Carl!!

The next couple of months are my busy birthday months, all three children arrived in the autumn, which makes its a busy and expensive couple of months!!
Carl is the first, and we went for a peanut butter extravaganza with peanut M and M's . He was very happy!!!

I added a few sparkling candles and a couple of cake sparklers, 22 already. He is getting old!!!

Beth bought him a a couple of balloons along with his real presents. (smellies, DVDs and a lovely pair of Toy Story PJ's!)

I always like to try and get a few photos of us all together.

Not always an easy feat!!

I was pleased with the outcome, although it did take a fair bit of engineering to get them all to take part. If I had been organised I would have had my children in the summer, that way we could have done 'outside' things for the parties and stood half a chance of getting some nice photos outside!

The next is Laura next week....

Monday, October 08, 2012

The time has flown...

I have no idea where the time is going, it seems barely five minutes since we were on Summer holiday and trying to stay dry from the awful rain, now we are into my favourite season, Autumn. I love the smells and colours of autumn I love the pumpkins and the smell of the candle scorched flesh. Whats not to like about autumn?? Well the not so good things are the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder and the build up to Christmas. I love Christmas but its the preparation that gets me down. Perhaps its a sign I'm getting old and that some of the magic is wearing thin!!

Beth has been preparing for her GCSE's lots to do in this last year, it has just cost me £50 in revision guides. Her art pieces have also consisted of a lot of things, so it has been art overload to get her canvas finished. It has been through a lot of stages backwards and forwards to school but its finally sorted.

My camera seems to be having some sort of crisis and depending on the setting changes the colours quite significantly, I may have to investigate what is going on a bit further!!!

I think the bottom picture is a closer representation of the true colour, but it looks brilliant in real life, full of sparkle and depth of colour. 

I am looking forward to my upcoming girls weekend away, this year we are heading for Hamburg in the first week of December. It has a great reputation for Christmas Markets, so it should be a great experience, I'd like to order a sprinkling of snow to go with the mulled wine and that way we will have a perfect break!!!
Take a look here it looks fantastic!!!