Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Weekend.

This past weekend has been one of those busy ones lots going on and lots to do. We need to sort out the garden for the winter, but we were both so tired that it was a good thought and not much more than that!!!
In the end we popped out to try and get some pictures of the autumn, That wasn't too successful either, first of all picked up the camera and forgot I had taken the SD card out, so we went back collected it and then by the time we got back and I took one photo before the heavens opened !!!!

Beth is getting excited at the thought of Halloween, so this year she has been trying out some special effects to use with her costume. I think she has done pretty well using make up and PVA glue!!

Her friends are quite impressed as well, so she has a few commissions for the big night!!!
She is quite interested in doing more of this and as a result of that I have had to invest in some medicinal quality latex. On the plus side she is able to use it as part of her GCSE art course, so her friend Megan has been a victim as well!!!

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