Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Carl, 21 years old!!!

Where does the time go???Can it really be twenty one years ago that Carl was born??? I can still clearly remember the morning that it all started off and the speed it happened. Labour started around 8am I was already in hospital as my blood pressure was up. They decided that he was showing signs of distress so cranked things up, Carl was born at 11.43am. I was shocked it was a boy I had expected another girl and had planned to call her Chloe!!! It took a while to get used to having a boy and it was hard to call him Carl after I had been used to having Laura!!
So here is the little cutie aged three months, slobbering all over the photographers nice satin sheet!!
And here he is fully grown opening his birthday cards!! He has had a real year of adventure, travelling to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya to climb Kilimanjaro and Holland . He is in his final year at Middlesex University and will qualify next year as a Primary school teacher.
The cake was fantastic, a really rich chocolate made by our lovely neighbour Karen. Its delish!!!
To complete the day one of our other neighbours gave birth to her second little boy, Kavian, in a pre planned C section, its so nice to have a new baby in the close again.

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