Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Laura!

I am entering my busy birthday season, two down now and one to go!! On the 19th Laura turned 26. TWENTY SIX !! OMG where has all that time gone?? It really doesn't seem very long ago that she was a little girl who chatted non stop, who ran around organising everyone and everything. Now, in her own words, she is the wrong side of twenty five!!
So we asked her around for her birthday tea complete with caterpillar birthday cake. (that's what happens when you leave cake buying to the very last minute!)
We had a nice evening and looked back on how things had changed over the past year. Laura is now settled in her flat and has a job that she loves working with people as nutty as she is.

This year is really whizzing by I am starting to think of Christmas presents, I am going to try and get everything online or in one big hit on our regular shopping day in Watford. Last year it was quite slick, I knew what I wanted , knew where to get it and we did it all on the one day. I hope this year goes as well. 

I have lots to look forward to I have weekend away in November on a glass making course and then a weekend away with the 'girls' This year we are hitting Amsterdam apart from the expectation of rain once we arrive I am really looking forward to going there again.

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