Monday, December 31, 2007

So whats your resolution for the new year??

Yes its that time of year again, the time you start off with grand lofty ideas about how you are going to change your life for the better, eat less, drink less, exercise more, scrap more, make more time, drive less, go out more or less, write to Donny Osmond and tell him just what he is missing by not moving in with me.
But how long will it last?? I started last year well with the weight loss, going to slimming world, but after the spell in hospital it was an uphill battle, one that I was doomed to lose.On the plus side I have a whole lot to be grateful for, a fantastic family and friends plus a conscientious surgeon who did what needed to be done to allow me to walk away from my brush with cancer.
So now it starts over, a whole year later with a whole load of water under the bridge. The only thing that I can hope for is success this time. So I wish everyone a 'Happy New Year' and may this year bring you all you hope for, but most importantly may it bring you good health and happiness.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Going on a 'Road Trip'

Today we are travelling into the wilds of Suffolk to see our friends, Fran Pete and Rebbecca(Waves to them as I know they sometimes drop by here) It seems like we have been going stir crazy all holiday with one or other of us being poorly so we have been stuck in the house. Because of that we don't seem to have seen as many people as we would normally do. Today we are feeling fit and ready to go, so fingers crossed for an uneventful journey!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Please save me........

From wireless routers.
This evening I have spent a huge amount of time trying to sort out my wireless router which has decided to do its own thing again. I have spoken to three different people in India who have carried out lengthy operations on my PC, all of them have left me with an Internet connection, which has promptly dropped out the second I hung up the phone. I have now disconnected the router and its happened once on the modem. This could be a long weekend.

Emilys Art Challenge.

I have got hopelessly behind on the art challenge, but I have had some time over the holidays to catch up!!
The scan is not easy to read, but its all about the best Christmas present, a candle making kit!!This must have been 35 years ago!! I spent ages in the kitchen with a pan of boiling water and an empty bean tin melting wax to pour into all sorts of different home made candle moulds. I made hundreds of candles, all sizes,shapes and smells. The start of a life long love of them!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Morning.

Its been and gone, Christmas that is, such a lot of build up for two days. We have enjoyed it yesterday we went around to Mum and Dads to have tea and play cards. We had a nice time, the only problem being that my cold was by then in full flow and I felt pretty rough. There was nothing I could do apart from drink Port and Lemonade in a medicinal capacity to try and ease my sore throat. The problem was that it some how reacted with the tablets I am taking and I found that I was Merry in Super quick time!!! In fact I was unable to continue with the cards and had to sit it out snoozing on the sofa. When I went to bed last night I felt bunged up and I could hear myself breathing and not in a good way. I woke up this morning at 6am and ended up coming down stairs because I could get back to sleep.
So now I am dosed up again, not started on the port as of yet, I may have to later!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

By popular demand....

I have received several requests this morning via email and text for a shot of Tom in his posing pouch, so when he returned from the news paper shop I talked him into trying it on. I actually think he looks quite good in it!!

Now just the Debris to clear up...

So here we are at Boxing day, I am the only one up, everyone else still snoozing. My cold is still playing me up, so I was up bright and early again. I am not going to start on the clearing until the rest can assist.
I received some beautiful presents for which I am very grateful. Tom and the kids bought me some more Troll beads and a digital photo frame. Laura and Scott gave me some chocolates, including a box of my faves walnut whips, Beth gave me a pretty red votive holder and a candle. Carl gave me some Diesel body lotion (one of my favourite perfumes!)Mum and Dad bought me some water colours and a gift voucher for the local craft shop. It has to be said that my friend Wendy gave the most unusual gift of the day she gave us all matching tins of pilchards. She had better watch out, she will be getting some unusual presents during the year!!!!
Tom did really well, not only did he get pilchards from Wendy, he also got a tiger skin posing pouch!!!! I am certain that next year she will be sooooo pleased with our gifts!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

So far not everything has gone according to plan, so whats new??
To start with I think I have started to get Tom's chest and sore throat, I was tired last night and the 'children' weren't. I finally went to bed at 11.30 ish. I slept really well, had a few odd dreams, one about a man saying to me 'You don't sweat do you' What is that about?? It seems that I snored a lot (not that I remember that) and I have to blame my cold for that, so I woke Tom up who ended up downstairs again!!
This morning I got up at 8am, not a squeak from anyone else, so I showered and dried my hair and then started to make very loud noise to wake SOMEONE up. We finally got down stairs by 9ish and unwrapped some of the pressies, Beth was happy with her electric scooter and Carl was happy with his Wrestling Wii game.
I cracked on with the dinner preparation, I was in the kitchen with my shoes on when I managed to tread on a shard of glass that went through my croc and foot, Beth pulled it out and although it hurt it seemed OK. Next thing I know is there is blood everywhere all over my shoe and trails of it around the kitchen. It still didn't really hurt BUT it was spectacular!! I have now been bandaged by the kids and Carl has cleaned and disinfected the floor. (Used Malcolm's Poo removing spray!!!)
So happy Christmas to everyone !!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Well here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun ????
Are they?? It seems like a lot of very hard work for me. Today started with another trip to the shops, its so annoying to have forgotten one very small thing,oxo cubes, I went to Somerfields, luckily it was fairly quiet and loads of food was reduced, some by huge amounts!! Carl loves pomegranate juice and its horribly expensive usually. Well this morning it was 50p a carton, bargain.
When I got home we had a clear up and Micheal arrived EARLY to cut our hair. (Note he has NEVER even arrived on time before so this was amazing!!)Then it was off to see Wendy,Ian and the kids for the afternoon. We had lunch with them and left in time to go to 6 o'clock mass. We got there at 5.30 to be able to get a seat, even then it was crammed - note to Kathryn, get the seating sorted The church needs an extension!!When we got home I made two apple pies iced the Victoria sandwich and helped ice the fairy cakes. I am knackered. Hope Beth doesn't get up too early in the morning!!
Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all get what you asked for!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catching up,

This is a photo from the schools Christingle service, thats how I know Christmas has arrived!!

Yesterday I decided in the end to go to Tescos and further boost Mr Tesco's profits. I read some where for every hundred pounds spent at the shops £90 goes to Tesco's. I am not surprised judging by the free for all at Tescos Hatfield yesterday. To start with you could barely move, everyone had decided shopping 'early' on Saturday would be the best idea, I just wish that it had only been me with that idea. Carl and I went armed with a list, unfortunately Tesco's were out of cranberry sauce, prawns and frozen sausage rolls.That means I am going to have to go and brave somewhere else this morning.
Last night Beth Carl and I went to Nick (over the road) 18th Birthday party. We have known Nick since he was a new born baby and its amazing to think that he is now 18 and a young man with his own car, and training to be a plumber.He has turned out well (not that there was any doubt about that !!)His mum and dad put on a great spread and we were honoured to be one of the select few to attend. Karen did a fantastic spread with the richest chocolate trifle in the world, it looked and tasted fantastic but even I couldn't manage a lot.It was a bit of a struggle but I did manage to keep my consumption of port up, It was my duty and I think I fulfilled it perfectly! (not a trace of a hangover this morning, port just doesn't do that to me!)
It was great to Lynn and Scott again. I see Lynn on and off during the year when she comes up to attend various concerts with Karen. She came to see Donny with us back in October. I hadn't seen Scott for a few years. He has grown up but still has the same face and I think that I would have recognised him even if I hadn't been expecting to see him. Karen has taken a couple of photos of Carl,Scott and Nick together. It seems like yesterday that they all used to play football out the front or snooker in Lynn's garage, where have those days gone??
Anyway I'll end this post with a wave to EUNICE LAW (Karen's mum) she tells me she has my blog in her favourites!!! Ha ha

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Beth's Homework

Beth came home from school with this great little machine she had made, a battery circuit, cogs and gears very impressive!!!

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Well we are nearly there, the time of year where the shops are closed for one whole day, which means that I have yet to go out and do battle for my share of the food mountain, just trying to decide which shop. Tesco's would be good for my points balance and there are likely to be shed loads of assistants and shoppers. Lidls would be better price wise, but they will only have one check out girl on and she will be new and will have to ask the price of everything.Its likely that there will be queues right round the shop of people trying to get out. Then there is Morrisons it'll be busy there as well but by the time I manage to get through the check outs all the fruit and veg will have gone off. (crap quality)So what about Summerfields? They have great bargains, brilliant Bogof's BUT the regular food is so expensive.
So who knows where I will end up.
Tonight we hav e a party to look forward to, not sure if Tom will be well enough, the new tablets he is on are making him feel sick and horrible. I am sure Beth and I will be fit enough to stumble across the road!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Dinner.

Today i went out with Steph and Karen from work for a Christmas lunch. We went to the Stanborough, it was lucky that we booked as the place was packed. The meal was lovely, although none of us had the Christmas fare!!
I can't believe how fast these last days have gone, tomorrow is Thursday and it feels like it should be Tuesday. I popped into Tesco tonight and it was eerily quiet, I managed to get in and out without any obstructions, I have bought a Turkey crown less waste that way!! Nearly there.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well Done Carl!!!

Carl took his driving theory test this afternoon and passed with flying colours!! A step along the way to being a driver. It was a bit of a close shave with regards to the arrival, there was an accident on the motorway and a bit of a tail back, they arrived with 5 minutes to spare. I am so pleased for him, one exam out of the way.

More good news, we have been offered 2.5% pay rise backdated to September at work (negotiations going on nationally today) This may cause a bit of a stir, because we had asked for 5%, we rejected 2.25%. In the mean time the Police officers were offered 2.50% BUT theirs was not backdated to September, so in real terms they will receive 1.9% over the year.Its been a few years since our pay rise has been bigger than the Police Officers.

I had a check up at the hospital today, last one was in June. I saw the consultant and he has arranged for me to have some more tests to make sure everything is still OK, blood tests and ultra sound. He is not expecting to find anything but wants to be sure. He wants to see me in June next year unless something shows up on the tests in January. I feel that is very positive.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Short Weekend.

Why are weekends so short?? I mean they are very important, after a hectic week you need a weekend that lasts at least 5 days to help you recharge your batteries.
This weekend I feel like I have been in training for my Girl Guide taxi drivers badge. I feel that I am very close to passing it.This weekend I have driven 120 miles, NONE of it was for me, it was all about getting the kids to various places, practices and work venues. I did recklessly go out and do some shopping so I suppose that could be counted as something for 'me' although I don't count it!!
Tom has been very poorly with a horrible Chest infection, so all the driving duties have fallen to me. Tom seems a bit brighter but still can't lie down without coughing so it looks like another night on the reclining sofa for him.
Today we had the Nativity play at church, which was excellent as usual, as I went by myself I was able to get a single seat right by the heater which was a bonus, on the down side I wasn't really able to get any shots of Beth,She was around the corner from me. I took a small snippet of her singing.

Beth wasn't really too keen in getting involved this year, but she went along to help look after some of the little children, in particular one little boy Joey has taken a shine to her and he sat with her. This was helpful, as he is only little and his attention wanders. Joeys mum was so pleased that he was happy and being encouraged to sit and perform that she bought Beth a beautiful Silver necklace. Beth was thrilled with it and she told me afterwards it made her feel like crying!!
Kathryn also gave all the children a box full of goodies, so if you are reading this kathryn, thank you, she enjoyed herself and was glad that she went!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Horrible Busy Week.

I have had a week where I don't know if I am coming or going. Work has been busy, home has been busy. Its 8.45 pm and I have just got sat down, haven't had a spare second.
Tom is poorly, he has been to the doctor and has a chest infection, he has started on anti biotics, but the real problem is he can't lie down without coughing and coughing and coughing. Now Beth has started as well. Carl is at work so I have to go and collect him at 10.30pm. Tonight when I finally got home I had to spend 2 hours at the school Christmas Disco, I am overwhelmed with the excitement of my life!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Real Deal.

I can't believe that this is the last time I will be watching one of my children take part in the Panshanger School Christmas play. I have been going to see the plays for the past 18 years, its an institution and part of my life.This year for the first time I was allocated seats in the front row, I know that I have arrived !!!
I hope that the next time I go there will be to watch the next generation, whenever they may come along !!!!
This performance was very good far more polished with the singing much louder.The children seemed to enjoy themselves. Beth was brilliant and so brave to sing a solo.
Next year it'll be something different.

Monday, December 10, 2007

skater girl

Beth really enjoyed the skating, her feet didn't start to ache until she had been on the ice for around 35 minutes, so that was a step forward from the fake ice in WGC last year that really made her feet ache!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Ice Skating.

Today we went to London to go Ice Skating. We had a great time,The weather was by and large awful, raining and cold, freezing bitter cold.BUT the company was good, we went with Dina and Rick and their kids. We started the day at Hyde Park there was German market and a few rides for the kids. We went to Oxford Street, via a bus ride and then moved onto the Tower of London via at least 4 million steps at a variety of train stations. On our arrival it was raining again, but the skating looked great the Tower was bathed in a blue light as was the skating rink. We decided to eat at the nearby KFC, very traditional London Fayre!!
Once it was our turn on the ice (I use our very loosely, as it was only Beth from our family who went on!!) They all got ready, Beth was a bit worried about it, but she did so well, never fell over once!!
We had great fun watching everyone else fall over, this one poor woman did cartoon skating, her legs were moving faster than she could cope with and she ended on the floor so many times we lost count!! It was almost as much fun as watching people coming down the waterslide in France!! (another Rick and Dina shared past time!!)

Emilys Art Challenge

I have got hopelessly behind on my cards. I don't have the time at the moment. The two prompts that I have caught up with tonight are 'My happy place' and 'Idea' My happy place is the beach, I love being able to walk along the beach with the wind in my face, the roar of the sea, the smell of the water, I love collecting stones and shells and lately we have found loads of fossils on the beach at Whitby.So I think I was meant to be a beachcomber!!

The next was 'I have an idea' Well I have loads of ideas, my main frustration is that my ideas are brilliant in my head but I can't translate them to paper or any other medium !! I wish I could draw or paint, I have loads of brilliant pictures just queuing up to escape from my brain and land on paper, shame that they crash and burn before the arrive!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wet and Wild!!

Today started and has ended wet and wild, It wouldn't be so bad if it was snow, at least it would be interesting. I took Carl to work at 3.30 and it was dark, I mean really dark, miserable and freezing cold. I hate this weather. I long for a bright blue sky with a crisp frost or an inch of snow, enough to make the place look pretty and no more.

This morning we hit Matalan again. (I am turning into a Matalan groupie) Carl came along, he had found a hole in his school shoes so the plan was to replace them. Anyway the shoes cost £15 and when I got to the till the bill came to £91!!! I knew that I had bought other stuff including, for once, clothes to fit me. But I was surprised to find that I had spent that much. On the way out of the shop I checked the receipt and spotted something for 50p that I hadn't bought, so I challenged my bill. Carl was groaning saying its only 50p, but that's not the point is it ?? If they get away with 50p this time it'll be a fiver next time. So we unloaded our bags at customer services and went through our purchases. By this time Carl had retired to the car muttering that he would give me the 50p. While the Saturday morning queues were forming behind us, I discovered that Beth had bought herself a necklace for £1.50 which had scanned in at 50p!! They were very nice about it, helped me pack the stuff back up again, so that I could sneak out of the shop never to return again!!!
We popped around to see mum and dad, they have just got back from holiday on the QE2,(As opposed to a break in the QE2, our local hospital!!) I was very lucky because they bought me back some beautiful Chanel 'Chance' perfume. I had never seen it before but I did tell mum that I liked citrus smells and not floral ones, and this one is perfect, it smells heavenly!!
Carl put their cases back in the loft and got the Christmas Decorations down. So now they are all set up for Christmas.
I have spent the afternoon finishing my Christmas cards and writing them.
Looking forward to tomorrow, we are going up to London to have a look around a German market and winter wonderland that has been set up in Hyde Park, followed by ice skating, (Not for me!!)Please let it stay dry, it doesn't have to be warm, just dry!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Last Birthday Party

Tonight we finally celebrated Beth's 11th birthday with a party at Roller City for her class friends. We decided to do it as its going to be her last party at junior school. I was well prepared with a packed lunch for everyone, plus drinks and labelled cups, I packed up the party bags, bought drink, birthday cake and remembered the candles and matches. I was pleased to have the help of my friend Heather who filled in all the kids contact telephone numbers in case of emergency. As it was it went off without a hitch, nobody got hurt, although there were plenty of pre teenage hormones flying around !!

Beth did extremely well out of it, to add to her birthday money that she received on her birthday (£85) She received £116 tonight!!! grand total of £201, Unbelievable, I feel like charging her for hiring the place!! She is saving up for a laptop, and now has a shed load of thank yous to write!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

School Play- Political Correctness gone mad.

I went to see Beth in her school play, the dress rehearsal, they did very well, and I really enjoyed it. I kept asking her what the play was and never really got a straight answer, even the title of 'Magnolia and the Merry Minors' didn't give me a clue. It wasn't until it got underway that I realised Magnolia was in fact Snow White and the Merry MINERS were the seven dwarfs!! What madness is this?? It seems that you can't refer to the original title because you are discriminating against dwarfs and implying the Snow White was pure because she was white. Who knows if this is the true reason, but that's what other viewers were saying !!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well I THINK I have nearly done the Christmas shopping, just a couple of things left to get, its always the hard ones that get left to the end.
I am 4 days into my last minute advent swap, and I am so thrilled with the gifts I have received, Ginger has done me proud with her selection.
Work has been busy, I have been all over the place doing all sorts of meetings with managers and members. Tomorrow we have even more of the same plus its been cold and miserable, I would like to stay at home!!
Today I had to spend some time looking for a white overall for Beth to wear in her school play, I finally tracked one down (thanks to Dougie in Scientific Services)and tonight I spent some time flattening it with a cool iron. Should be interesting to see what the play is like in the morning !!
Its nice to have a clear craft table, the shame is my mojo has been tidied away with the rubbish.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wet Weekend.

What a dreadful weekend weather wise it has been , rain, sleet, rain and freezing cold. I had hoped to get so much done and now looking back I have not done quite as much as I wanted. I did all the cleaning in Friday, but might as well not have bothered, I can't seem to make the kids understand that they need to PUT STUFF AWAY. We put it on the bottom of the stairs, they are supposed to take it up on the next run up, it just doesn't happen.
I did manage to wrap all the Christmas presents, buy a few more, Beth and I went to Stevenage for some more shopping.
Carl started his new job, so I had to get up at 7am on Saturday to get him there. On the plus side the new place has a better way of doing things, they are paying him half as much again so he doesn't actually have to work as long, so that will cut down on my travelling. They also seem more organised so that can only be good news.
The big job of the weekend was clearing my craft table, it had become a dumping ground and I simply can't create when its like that (That makes me sound like a right Diva!!)Now its nice and tidy and I have a chance of doing something.
This afternoon at the time it rained hardest Beth had the first rehersal for the church nativity play, so we got soaked getting from the car to the church.
I did manage to make my Christmas cards, so all in all a reasonable weekend !!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Little packets of love !!

For the past few years I have joined in with online Advent swaps, but this year has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for a few of us,(illness, relationships, jobs) so I decided to give the organised one a miss. Anyway what I didn't bank on was some of my friends getting together and suggesting that we did something between the four of us as a last minute thing. So thank you to Ginger, Jaffers and Shirl for the little pile nestling on my coffee table under the stairs. I can't wait to see what I have been lucky enough to receive!! (Todays was a beautiful Rachel Ellen stained glass window Advent card!!)