Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Well here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun ????
Are they?? It seems like a lot of very hard work for me. Today started with another trip to the shops, its so annoying to have forgotten one very small thing,oxo cubes, I went to Somerfields, luckily it was fairly quiet and loads of food was reduced, some by huge amounts!! Carl loves pomegranate juice and its horribly expensive usually. Well this morning it was 50p a carton, bargain.
When I got home we had a clear up and Micheal arrived EARLY to cut our hair. (Note he has NEVER even arrived on time before so this was amazing!!)Then it was off to see Wendy,Ian and the kids for the afternoon. We had lunch with them and left in time to go to 6 o'clock mass. We got there at 5.30 to be able to get a seat, even then it was crammed - note to Kathryn, get the seating sorted The church needs an extension!!When we got home I made two apple pies iced the Victoria sandwich and helped ice the fairy cakes. I am knackered. Hope Beth doesn't get up too early in the morning!!
Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all get what you asked for!!

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suebaru said...

Hope you have a wonderful christmas!