Saturday, December 29, 2007

Emilys Art Challenge.

I have got hopelessly behind on the art challenge, but I have had some time over the holidays to catch up!!
The scan is not easy to read, but its all about the best Christmas present, a candle making kit!!This must have been 35 years ago!! I spent ages in the kitchen with a pan of boiling water and an empty bean tin melting wax to pour into all sorts of different home made candle moulds. I made hundreds of candles, all sizes,shapes and smells. The start of a life long love of them!!


Debbielou said...

I got a candle making kit for Christmas this year!! I've never had one before -very exciting

Marjolein said...

What a lovely card, nice gift too, never done it, but it sounds like fun!

Yizz said...

I had one of those candle making kits years ago..its still in the attic with tons of wax still left because my dad wouldnt let me heat it up incase 'I burnt myself' LOL

Scrapanimal said...

Love the card you make. And you are right it's awesome to make your own candles.
Happy newyear.

xo Simone.

Je@net said...

Great card and what a great gift!!