Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Ice Skating.

Today we went to London to go Ice Skating. We had a great time,The weather was by and large awful, raining and cold, freezing bitter cold.BUT the company was good, we went with Dina and Rick and their kids. We started the day at Hyde Park there was German market and a few rides for the kids. We went to Oxford Street, via a bus ride and then moved onto the Tower of London via at least 4 million steps at a variety of train stations. On our arrival it was raining again, but the skating looked great the Tower was bathed in a blue light as was the skating rink. We decided to eat at the nearby KFC, very traditional London Fayre!!
Once it was our turn on the ice (I use our very loosely, as it was only Beth from our family who went on!!) They all got ready, Beth was a bit worried about it, but she did so well, never fell over once!!
We had great fun watching everyone else fall over, this one poor woman did cartoon skating, her legs were moving faster than she could cope with and she ended on the floor so many times we lost count!! It was almost as much fun as watching people coming down the waterslide in France!! (another Rick and Dina shared past time!!)

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Ginger Claire said...

Sounds like a fab day. I love ice skating.