Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

So far not everything has gone according to plan, so whats new??
To start with I think I have started to get Tom's chest and sore throat, I was tired last night and the 'children' weren't. I finally went to bed at 11.30 ish. I slept really well, had a few odd dreams, one about a man saying to me 'You don't sweat do you' What is that about?? It seems that I snored a lot (not that I remember that) and I have to blame my cold for that, so I woke Tom up who ended up downstairs again!!
This morning I got up at 8am, not a squeak from anyone else, so I showered and dried my hair and then started to make very loud noise to wake SOMEONE up. We finally got down stairs by 9ish and unwrapped some of the pressies, Beth was happy with her electric scooter and Carl was happy with his Wrestling Wii game.
I cracked on with the dinner preparation, I was in the kitchen with my shoes on when I managed to tread on a shard of glass that went through my croc and foot, Beth pulled it out and although it hurt it seemed OK. Next thing I know is there is blood everywhere all over my shoe and trails of it around the kitchen. It still didn't really hurt BUT it was spectacular!! I have now been bandaged by the kids and Carl has cleaned and disinfected the floor. (Used Malcolm's Poo removing spray!!!)
So happy Christmas to everyone !!


Sue said...

Sounds normal to me ! LOL
Have a wonderful day ..hope they all run round after you now that you have been injured and are ill. Feel better soon and well done for not getting blood on the carpet ;)

suebaru said...

What are you like??! Hope the day got better!!

Debbielou said...

Merry Christmas to you all!!! xxxx