Saturday, December 22, 2007

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Well we are nearly there, the time of year where the shops are closed for one whole day, which means that I have yet to go out and do battle for my share of the food mountain, just trying to decide which shop. Tesco's would be good for my points balance and there are likely to be shed loads of assistants and shoppers. Lidls would be better price wise, but they will only have one check out girl on and she will be new and will have to ask the price of everything.Its likely that there will be queues right round the shop of people trying to get out. Then there is Morrisons it'll be busy there as well but by the time I manage to get through the check outs all the fruit and veg will have gone off. (crap quality)So what about Summerfields? They have great bargains, brilliant Bogof's BUT the regular food is so expensive.
So who knows where I will end up.
Tonight we hav e a party to look forward to, not sure if Tom will be well enough, the new tablets he is on are making him feel sick and horrible. I am sure Beth and I will be fit enough to stumble across the road!!!

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