Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Short Weekend.

Why are weekends so short?? I mean they are very important, after a hectic week you need a weekend that lasts at least 5 days to help you recharge your batteries.
This weekend I feel like I have been in training for my Girl Guide taxi drivers badge. I feel that I am very close to passing it.This weekend I have driven 120 miles, NONE of it was for me, it was all about getting the kids to various places, practices and work venues. I did recklessly go out and do some shopping so I suppose that could be counted as something for 'me' although I don't count it!!
Tom has been very poorly with a horrible Chest infection, so all the driving duties have fallen to me. Tom seems a bit brighter but still can't lie down without coughing so it looks like another night on the reclining sofa for him.
Today we had the Nativity play at church, which was excellent as usual, as I went by myself I was able to get a single seat right by the heater which was a bonus, on the down side I wasn't really able to get any shots of Beth,She was around the corner from me. I took a small snippet of her singing.

Beth wasn't really too keen in getting involved this year, but she went along to help look after some of the little children, in particular one little boy Joey has taken a shine to her and he sat with her. This was helpful, as he is only little and his attention wanders. Joeys mum was so pleased that he was happy and being encouraged to sit and perform that she bought Beth a beautiful Silver necklace. Beth was thrilled with it and she told me afterwards it made her feel like crying!!
Kathryn also gave all the children a box full of goodies, so if you are reading this kathryn, thank you, she enjoyed herself and was glad that she went!!

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