Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catching up,

This is a photo from the schools Christingle service, thats how I know Christmas has arrived!!

Yesterday I decided in the end to go to Tescos and further boost Mr Tesco's profits. I read some where for every hundred pounds spent at the shops £90 goes to Tesco's. I am not surprised judging by the free for all at Tescos Hatfield yesterday. To start with you could barely move, everyone had decided shopping 'early' on Saturday would be the best idea, I just wish that it had only been me with that idea. Carl and I went armed with a list, unfortunately Tesco's were out of cranberry sauce, prawns and frozen sausage rolls.That means I am going to have to go and brave somewhere else this morning.
Last night Beth Carl and I went to Nick (over the road) 18th Birthday party. We have known Nick since he was a new born baby and its amazing to think that he is now 18 and a young man with his own car, and training to be a plumber.He has turned out well (not that there was any doubt about that !!)His mum and dad put on a great spread and we were honoured to be one of the select few to attend. Karen did a fantastic spread with the richest chocolate trifle in the world, it looked and tasted fantastic but even I couldn't manage a lot.It was a bit of a struggle but I did manage to keep my consumption of port up, It was my duty and I think I fulfilled it perfectly! (not a trace of a hangover this morning, port just doesn't do that to me!)
It was great to Lynn and Scott again. I see Lynn on and off during the year when she comes up to attend various concerts with Karen. She came to see Donny with us back in October. I hadn't seen Scott for a few years. He has grown up but still has the same face and I think that I would have recognised him even if I hadn't been expecting to see him. Karen has taken a couple of photos of Carl,Scott and Nick together. It seems like yesterday that they all used to play football out the front or snooker in Lynn's garage, where have those days gone??
Anyway I'll end this post with a wave to EUNICE LAW (Karen's mum) she tells me she has my blog in her favourites!!! Ha ha

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