Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now just the Debris to clear up...

So here we are at Boxing day, I am the only one up, everyone else still snoozing. My cold is still playing me up, so I was up bright and early again. I am not going to start on the clearing until the rest can assist.
I received some beautiful presents for which I am very grateful. Tom and the kids bought me some more Troll beads and a digital photo frame. Laura and Scott gave me some chocolates, including a box of my faves walnut whips, Beth gave me a pretty red votive holder and a candle. Carl gave me some Diesel body lotion (one of my favourite perfumes!)Mum and Dad bought me some water colours and a gift voucher for the local craft shop. It has to be said that my friend Wendy gave the most unusual gift of the day she gave us all matching tins of pilchards. She had better watch out, she will be getting some unusual presents during the year!!!!
Tom did really well, not only did he get pilchards from Wendy, he also got a tiger skin posing pouch!!!! I am certain that next year she will be sooooo pleased with our gifts!!!

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Debbielou said...

Can we see the photos of Tom & his posing pouch!!!!!!!!