Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wet Weekend.

What a dreadful weekend weather wise it has been , rain, sleet, rain and freezing cold. I had hoped to get so much done and now looking back I have not done quite as much as I wanted. I did all the cleaning in Friday, but might as well not have bothered, I can't seem to make the kids understand that they need to PUT STUFF AWAY. We put it on the bottom of the stairs, they are supposed to take it up on the next run up, it just doesn't happen.
I did manage to wrap all the Christmas presents, buy a few more, Beth and I went to Stevenage for some more shopping.
Carl started his new job, so I had to get up at 7am on Saturday to get him there. On the plus side the new place has a better way of doing things, they are paying him half as much again so he doesn't actually have to work as long, so that will cut down on my travelling. They also seem more organised so that can only be good news.
The big job of the weekend was clearing my craft table, it had become a dumping ground and I simply can't create when its like that (That makes me sound like a right Diva!!)Now its nice and tidy and I have a chance of doing something.
This afternoon at the time it rained hardest Beth had the first rehersal for the church nativity play, so we got soaked getting from the car to the church.
I did manage to make my Christmas cards, so all in all a reasonable weekend !!!

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Debbielou said...

That's really funny as I do exactly the same in our house- all the stuff gets put on the stairs in different groups on different steps for everyone to take stuff up - when it doesn't happen it ends up looking like a barricade and you take your life in your hands climbing them ! Oh to live in a bungalow x