Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Morning.

Its been and gone, Christmas that is, such a lot of build up for two days. We have enjoyed it yesterday we went around to Mum and Dads to have tea and play cards. We had a nice time, the only problem being that my cold was by then in full flow and I felt pretty rough. There was nothing I could do apart from drink Port and Lemonade in a medicinal capacity to try and ease my sore throat. The problem was that it some how reacted with the tablets I am taking and I found that I was Merry in Super quick time!!! In fact I was unable to continue with the cards and had to sit it out snoozing on the sofa. When I went to bed last night I felt bunged up and I could hear myself breathing and not in a good way. I woke up this morning at 6am and ended up coming down stairs because I could get back to sleep.
So now I am dosed up again, not started on the port as of yet, I may have to later!!

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