Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wet and Wild!!

Today started and has ended wet and wild, It wouldn't be so bad if it was snow, at least it would be interesting. I took Carl to work at 3.30 and it was dark, I mean really dark, miserable and freezing cold. I hate this weather. I long for a bright blue sky with a crisp frost or an inch of snow, enough to make the place look pretty and no more.

This morning we hit Matalan again. (I am turning into a Matalan groupie) Carl came along, he had found a hole in his school shoes so the plan was to replace them. Anyway the shoes cost £15 and when I got to the till the bill came to £91!!! I knew that I had bought other stuff including, for once, clothes to fit me. But I was surprised to find that I had spent that much. On the way out of the shop I checked the receipt and spotted something for 50p that I hadn't bought, so I challenged my bill. Carl was groaning saying its only 50p, but that's not the point is it ?? If they get away with 50p this time it'll be a fiver next time. So we unloaded our bags at customer services and went through our purchases. By this time Carl had retired to the car muttering that he would give me the 50p. While the Saturday morning queues were forming behind us, I discovered that Beth had bought herself a necklace for £1.50 which had scanned in at 50p!! They were very nice about it, helped me pack the stuff back up again, so that I could sneak out of the shop never to return again!!!
We popped around to see mum and dad, they have just got back from holiday on the QE2,(As opposed to a break in the QE2, our local hospital!!) I was very lucky because they bought me back some beautiful Chanel 'Chance' perfume. I had never seen it before but I did tell mum that I liked citrus smells and not floral ones, and this one is perfect, it smells heavenly!!
Carl put their cases back in the loft and got the Christmas Decorations down. So now they are all set up for Christmas.
I have spent the afternoon finishing my Christmas cards and writing them.
Looking forward to tomorrow, we are going up to London to have a look around a German market and winter wonderland that has been set up in Hyde Park, followed by ice skating, (Not for me!!)Please let it stay dry, it doesn't have to be warm, just dry!!

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Loz said...

Did they make you pay the £1?! :P