Friday, December 07, 2007

The Last Birthday Party

Tonight we finally celebrated Beth's 11th birthday with a party at Roller City for her class friends. We decided to do it as its going to be her last party at junior school. I was well prepared with a packed lunch for everyone, plus drinks and labelled cups, I packed up the party bags, bought drink, birthday cake and remembered the candles and matches. I was pleased to have the help of my friend Heather who filled in all the kids contact telephone numbers in case of emergency. As it was it went off without a hitch, nobody got hurt, although there were plenty of pre teenage hormones flying around !!

Beth did extremely well out of it, to add to her birthday money that she received on her birthday (£85) She received £116 tonight!!! grand total of £201, Unbelievable, I feel like charging her for hiring the place!! She is saving up for a laptop, and now has a shed load of thank yous to write!!

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