Thursday, December 06, 2007

School Play- Political Correctness gone mad.

I went to see Beth in her school play, the dress rehearsal, they did very well, and I really enjoyed it. I kept asking her what the play was and never really got a straight answer, even the title of 'Magnolia and the Merry Minors' didn't give me a clue. It wasn't until it got underway that I realised Magnolia was in fact Snow White and the Merry MINERS were the seven dwarfs!! What madness is this?? It seems that you can't refer to the original title because you are discriminating against dwarfs and implying the Snow White was pure because she was white. Who knows if this is the true reason, but that's what other viewers were saying !!!!


Debbielou said...

Bit like having " Little red riding
cardigan" ( as hoodies not allowed!!)

Looks as though Beth had a great time!

suebaru said...

We have the joy of the school play next week...10 & 11 year olds doing Grease!!

Laura said...

That is sooo stupid.